Mark Freda

The goal of my term as mayor is true transparency and open government, promoting timely and clear two-way communication with Princeton residents on important decisions.

My view on effective local government is simple: be open, be honest, be transparent, and communicate often. I believe we can learn a great deal from the past. But change will keep coming at us. We can ignore it, or we can work together to shape it. My civic experience in leadership roles puts me in an excellent position to act on this vision.

A Lifelong History of Community Service


I have a long record of civic engagement. Joining both the Princeton Fire Department (1974) and the Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad (1975) to start my volunteer service to our community. Also having served with the Greater Princeton Chapter of the United States Jaycees (1978 – 1980). Other volunteer experience includes being a member of the Joint Borough – Township First Aid Committee, a group made up of elected Borough and Township officials and members of Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad (1980 – 1985). Working on the Board of the former Youth Employment Service for ten years (1986 – 1996). Serving as the Chair of the 200th Anniversary Committee of the Princeton Fire Department that planned and held the Princeton Fire Department Bicentennial Celebration in 1988. Having the honor to be one of the original members of the Spirit of Princeton in 1998, and now serving as Co-Chair of this organization. Additionally, being selected to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Dorothea vanDyke McLane Association since 2001.

Local Government Activities

In 1985, former Mayor Barbara Boggs Sigmund, after seeing me attend and participate in so many Council meetings, asked me to run for Borough Council. This was the start of serving on the former Borough Council for thirteen years (1986 – 1999). Serving as Council President five times. Other Council experience included serving as the Police Commissioner and Chair of Public Safety Committee for eleven years. Serving on the Public Works Committee for thirteen years. Also, time on the Planning Board and significant involvement in efforts to update then Borough zoning ordinances. Other local government related activities include being a member of the Princeton Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee (2007/2008). Helping create and serving as the town’s first Director of Emergency Services (2009 – 2011). One of the highlights of my civic experience was being the Chair of the Princeton Borough and Princeton Township Transition Task Force, helping to put together the final structure of the new merged and single Town of Princeton. More recently serving on the Resiliency Working Group for the Princeton Climate Action Plan.

Professional Life

Most of my professional life I have served in positions of increasing responsibility and magnitude. Working in the area of Facilities Management with a number of firms from 1983 through 2018. Locally with the former Commodities Corporation. In New York City as a Vice-President with Goldman Sachs, as Director NYHQ Site Operations for Pfizer and as Global Head of Facilities & Real Estate for Soros Fund Management. In 2018, I was able to make a major change in my life and return to working full time in Princeton. This opportunity was to lead an independent non-profit, and to build a new headquarters for them.

Political Life

Politically, since my days on the Borough Council ended, I have been a member of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization, having served on their Executive Board in 2018 and 2019. I have maintained relationships with many elected officials and paid attention to issues happening in our town.

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