Letter to the Editor – Town Topics March 4, 2020

Freda Has Public Sector Experience, ?Clear Vision for the Future of Princeton?


To the Editor:

Mark Freda is an excellent candidate and well qualified to perform as Princeton mayor upon being elected. He has had prior Princeton Council experience and success during the hard period of negotiating the many strands of municipal consolidation. He worked on the Council to mesh local ordinances, budgets, property taxes, debt, and employees. He already knows the municipality?s percolating challenges, including building more affordable housing, and to staff and mobilize the new Fire Department while being mindful of the adverse effect additional property tax increases have on every resident.

Mark had successful careers in large disciplined corporations. He will be ready to negotiate mutually beneficial solutions for the municipality with Princeton?s local businesses and the University. He has demonstrated ongoing success in planning and completing projects as president of the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad, which recently moved to its new facility having received strong positive support from residents. This organization is an invaluable first responder health resource which must be kept ready every hour of every day to serve thousands of Princeton residents, visitors, students, and workers during life threatening traumatic events. The personal commitment to lead first responders over many years is a rare quality in any person.

Every resident will have different issues of interest for the next mayor to tackle. My specific experience in health affairs has been that few public officials are prepared when an unexpected crisis threatens their community quickly, such as the spread of coronavirus, or a slow, insidious, escalating use of addictive substances. Princeton?s municipal Health Department and Board of Health are in good shape. But a leader who appreciates the need to prepare always helps. Mark Freda has the temperament and training to give some encouragement to how municipal first responders, fire rescue, public safety, and the new Penn Medicine Princeton Health System can strengthen and clarify plans for mutual support and communication.

Whatever priorities he chooses, I feel fortunate as a Princeton resident that Mark Freda is willing and eager to return to the public arena as mayor.

Christine Grant

Brooks Bend

SOURCE: Town Topics?http://www.towntopics.com/wordpress/2020/03/04/noting-fredas-experience-success-personal-commitment-to-lead/#more-50864