To The Editor of Town Topics, September 23, 2020

To the Editor:

I write this note in unwavering and strong support of Mark Freda for mayor of Princeton. I am extremely honored to write about my support for Mark?s candidacy as he has led Princeton into new heights. Mark?s connection to me and my family begins well before I was born. My grandmother and Mark?s mother were friends even before Mark was born. My mother, having been a few years younger than Mark, speaks very highly of him from a young age to now. I?ve had the pleasure to work alongside Mark in varying capacities over the past eight years in emergency services.

My professional capacity with Mark began when I was in high school as a wide-eyed recruit to Princeton Emergency Services. Mark always made me feel special, important, and part of the team. He has continued to do that throughout my time working alongside him. I feel it?s important to mention that beyond Mark?s leadership abilities, he?s a good man with great values. He is someone that you can count on. More importantly, he?s a compassionate and caring individual who, no matter how busy he is, makes time for you.

Mark?s leadership strengths are second to none. Mark consistently steps up to lead in situations. He takes a natural command of situations. Mark has also shown decisive and effective decision making. Difficult situations come up often, and Mark is able to weigh the options quickly and decide what is the most appropriate course of action. He sticks with that decision and is very decisive. I?ve also noted that when situations evolve, so too does Mark?s responses.

Lastly, Mark?s communication skills are one of his strong suits as well. However, for Mark, communication seems to come naturally. I am confident in Mark?s ability to be able to communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds in order to find common ground. Mark has continually shown that he is willing to talk about what needs to be discussed with all parties involved. Princeton residents will know his point of view and opinions for what they are. There will be no smoke and mirrors with Mark. I know for me, this is someone I want to be leading our town.

Mark has all of the skills necessary to be a progressive and effective mayor for Princeton. He will be able to communicate effectively and make smart decisions, while bringing important, respectable values to our municipal government. Mark has also been a loyal public servant to Princeton from a young age, having served our town in many different capacities. From this, one thing remains certain: he is committed to serving and improving this town. Knowing Mark in both professional and personal capacities for essentially my entire life has shown me his consistency in these aforementioned characteristics. Mark Freda will have my vote for mayor of our beloved town. For these reasons, I encourage you to consider Mark as your pick for mayor.

Bryan E. Hill
Ewing Street