Mark Freda, democratic candidate for Princeton mayor, hosted the ninth in a series of virtual meet and greets on Facebook Live on Thursday, August 27th. This week?s topics included info on Princeton’s website and some answers to recently received questions.

“Over the past several weeks I have received many comments, concerns, suggestions and questions about issues in town. I appreciate and am thankful for this feedback and in addition to speaking one on one with people, I have also used Facebook Live to address many of these issues.”

“A theme that has come through in these conversations is how residents can get more involved. Tomorrow, Thursday August 27th at 5:30pm, I will address this in the 9th presentation in my Facebook Live discussions. More specifically, I will discuss how the public can stay up to date on what is happening with different topics with regards to the the different boards, committees, and commissions that are part of our local government, and how you can get directly involved.”

“If there is a topic you?d like to hear discussed during a future Facebook Live session or if you would like to discuss any issues with me directly, please let me know! Please contact me by email at, leave a message on Facebook or through the campaign website.”

“Thank you for your support throughout this campaign. Our next big effort is the November General Election!” ~ Mark Freda