Princeton Mayor Candidate Mark Freda Redirects Campaign Donations

Princeton Mayor candidate Mark Freda has announced that, effective immediately, he will begin redirecting all campaign donations to local organizations that are assisting members of the Princeton community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Freda has pledged to abstain from traditional paid and promotional forms of communication in the lead up to the July 7 Democratic Primary Election.

?A number of people have asked me about supporting our fellow residents that need food and financial support during this difficult time,? said Freda, who currently serves as President of the Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad. ?I urge you to consider donating to local charities addressing these needs instead of donating to my campaign. For the time being, I will continue conducting virtual meet and greets and keep our digital channels updated with important campaign information.?

A joint statement issued last week on behalf of Freda and Princeton council candidates Leticia Fraga and David Cohen reads:

?In light of the economic challenges accompanying the struggle to control the spread of COVID-19, and with many residents out of work and local businesses shuttered or operating on a shoestring, it strikes us as insensitive to continue political fundraising and campaign expenditures on lawn signs, mailings, and paid advertisements as though nothing out of the ordinary was going on. These monies could be put to much more productive use aiding those struggling in adversity in our community.?

Suggested local service organizations include the Princeton Area Community Foundation, which has created a fund to support nonprofits impacted by the pandemic, as well as the Princeton Merchants Association, which has initiatives underway to support small businesses struggling to remain solvent.