Posted Feb 19, 2020


?I think I?ve always had it in the back of my head that I?d serve one or two terms as mayor,” she told NJ Advance Media. ?I think two terms is a good amount of time to see the impacts of your work and to have the energy required to get things done.

“I think it?s healthy for the town to have leadership turnover every so often and two terms seemed like the right amount of time.?

As for her plans after she leaves elected office, Lempert, a Democrat, said she would like to stay engaged in the community in some capacity.

Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad President Mark Freda has announced he is seeking the Democrat nomination for mayor in the June 2 primary. So far, he is the only Democrat to announce his intention to run for the mayor?s seat in the primary. The deadline to file to run is March 30.

?I think he is going to be the only candidate,” Lempert said. ?I think he?ll do a great job as mayor.?

Princeton Republican Committee Chair Dudley Sipprelle said as of now there aren?t any Republican party members looking to contest for Town Council seats or mayor.

?As far as I know, no potential candidates approached me and I don?t contemplate there being a Republican candidate,? Sipprelle said.

Lempert said one project she is proud of has been efforts to come up with an affordable housing plan. ?We were able to put together a plan that will help meet the needs of low-income residents, low income seniors, special needs adults,” she said. “We?re planning to build in areas of town that are walkable to transit, shopping and jobs.?

In addition to the four-year mayoral term, there are two, three-year council terms up for election this year. Councilwoman Leticia Fraga and council President David Cohen, both Democrats, are up for reelection.

Fraga recently announced she will seek a second term. ?I see a second term as a chance to amplify the momentum, goodwill and expertise I developed in my first three years and to work alongside colleagues, elected and volunteer, to build on our accomplishments,? Fraga said.

Cohen, also seeking a second term, said ?some continuity in government is essential for smooth functioning.”

Dina Shaw is also running as a Democrat in the primary.

?Part of what I?m running on is that we need to have better communication, more communication, and more inclusivity to all parts of our community,” Shaw, who is seeking a council seat, said. “I think we should have voices from all parts and the only way to do that is to make people aware and I?ve always done that.?

Shaw said she would also like to improve public transportation and parking.